Services Provided: Branding, Marketing

Their Story

Wyoming Department of Family Services approached a partner of ours. Linda Finnerty, about a need to increase their foster parenting base in the State of Wyoming. After conducting an extensive communications and marketing research analysis for the WY Foster Care Program, Finnerty concluded that the program required additional marketing and communications to get more awareness about the WY Foster Care Program, what they provide and how new parents can get involved. After one year of the campaign’s inception Wyoming’s overall parent inquiry rates increased by over 20% – directly impacting both involvement and knowledge of the program for the Wyoming Foster Care Program and the Wyoming Department of Family Services. As of today we are continuing to provide support with several promotional materials for this fulfilling program.

Following initiation, the campaign generated 387 expressions of interest from people around the state asking to be considered.  By Fall 2015, eligible foster family recruits increased by more than 24 percent statewide. It’s anticipated the effort will continue in 2016 with social media, billboards and strategic ad placements in broadcast and print media. -Tony Lewis, Deputy Director of the WY Dept. of Family Services

Our Story

Linda Finnerty contacted Wyoming Inc. in the fall of 2014 to engage us in the creative production of promotional materials for the WY Foster Care Program awareness campaign. After a few initial meetings Wyoming Inc. coined the campaign, Fostering Is About Families. With the assistance of Finnerty and internal resources at the WY Department of Family Services with story development and copy writing, Wyoming Inc. designed brochures, billboards, posters, banners, and car magnets, as well as provided creative direction for radio spots and television ads.

In January of 2016 Wyoming Inc. was awarded 1st Place for “Fostering Is About Families” in the Informational Campaign category at the Wyoming Press Association Winter Convention.