Services Provided: Branding, Marketing

Their Story

The Wyoming Association of Municipalities (WAM) focuses on the development and prosperity of all Wyoming communities. They work closely with each of Wyoming’s 99 towns to build stronger communities for the citizens living in our great state.  As an organization working statewide, WAM saw a need to educate the public on who they are, what they do and how their efforts effect the population of each town. Their first priority was identifying who they were and what they wanted people to see when they received correspondence from their organization.

Our Story

Wyoming Inc. was hired by WAM to re-brand the organization with an updated look and feel showcasing their interaction with Wyoming communities.  Wyoming Inc. has successfully created a new logo and full set of marketing collateral for WAM. A new electronic publication launched in May 2015 complimenting the new branding that is now used to educate all Wyoming municipalities across the state of the work WAM is doing as well as highlight what feature municipalities are doing to better their communities.