Services Provided: Web Design, CommunicationsBranding

Their Story

Ultra Tech Pipe is an industrial steel pips fabrication company located in Wisconsin.  Providing steel pipe to the mining industry for 25 years Ultra Tech prides itself in the quality of their product and the excellent customer service they provide.  In order to assist customers with a clear example of these offerings, Ultra Tech Pipe was in need of a complete website redesign.  Their current website was content heavy and wasn’t designed to be used on smartphones, tablets or smaller screen formats.  Ultra Tech also discovered ways they could use a website to assist with detailed pipe specification information to reduce time in estimating pipe shipment costs for customers.

Our Story

Wyoming Inc. began working to develop an upgraded web presence for Ultra Tech in the fall of 2013. The new website is responsive and fully custom including an interactive map pin pointing all of Ultra Tech Pipe’s global offices, a custom bend weight & length calculator that allows customers to determine the approximate weight of their pipe bend based on specific product dimensions and a news widget feature that can be updated and promoted through the website’s homepage.

While designing the website Ultra Tech Pipe asked Wyoming Inc. to  designed a 25 year anniversary seal and develop  promotional copy for Ultra Tech Pipe that is highlighted on the homepage of the website and will be used to brand promotional materials throughout 2014 in celebration of a successful 25 years.