Services Provided: Custom Development, Database Development & Management

Their Story

The Civilian Marksmanship Program needed a firm to re­implement their enterprise-critical Club and Competition Tracker (CT) web-based application that tracks all of their affiliated clubs and marksmanship competitions. As the premier marksmanship organization in the US, the CMP relies heavily on this software to drive all of its core club and competition business processes. The group needed a stable, long-term, robust platform capable of handling significant amounts of transactional data. They turned to Wyoming, Inc. for custom development expertise.

Our Story

Wyoming Inc. redesigned Civilian Marksmanship Program’s database and web application, basing the new system on our lightweight but highly stable MVC architecture. After going live, it has served the needs of thousands of the country’s best marksmen.

Competition Tracker Stats and Info:

  • Manages 6,500 Affiliate Clubs
  • Stores Data on over 11,000 Competitions
  • Maintains 215,00+ Users
  • Has record over 20 Million Individual Shots
  • Provides:
    • Online Registration and Payments
    • Robust Security Requirements
    • Access by Authorized, 3rd Party Vendors for Live Target Integration
    • Near-Real-Time Event Ranking (Scoring)
    • Performance Monitoring and Tuning via New Relic Integration
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