Services Provided: Print and Radio Advertising, Billboard Design Development and Placement

Their Story

In 2013, Cameco, a worldwide Uranium Mining Corporation, started the Cameco Cowboy Tough Expedition Adventure Race in Wyoming. The race is setup to challenge some of the nation’s most competitive and adventurous athletes. With over 300 miles of combined events including, mountain biking, swimming, hiking and running the race covers some of the most rugged and vastly unpopulated areas of Wyoming. Approximately two months prior to the race Cameco needed to find a resource to help with last minute promotional campaign to spread the word in Casper and Fremont County about the race and it’s details.

Our Story

Cameco reached out to Wyoming Inc. in the Spring of 2014 requesting assistance with the promotion and advertising of the Cameco Cowboy Tough Expedition Adventure Race. We were under a strict schedule for creative development and ad placement deadlines. In the end several billboards were placed within Natrona and Fremont Counties, along with radio ads running in both counties to help patrons and participants learn more. During the development stages of advertising design, Cameco also requested that Wyoming Inc. produce promotional materials for the race attendants to be given to them before and after the race.