Our process





From beginning to completion our relationship with a client involves listening to their goals and needs; understanding their processes, industries and customers; and ultimately identifying their most effective and outstanding traits- what makes them stand out from the rest.


Building a solid foundation for our work is essential. Our team will conduct a thorough research and analysis for your brand, buyer personas, and competition to ensure we deliver results that are effective, not just satisfactory.


When you combine discovery with research, and add a dash of creativity, the notes to the symphony fall together. It’s now time to delve into the ideas that set you apart from the rest and ultimately take your brand to new places.


This is where the rubber hits the road. Your efforts and ours have been extensive up to this point and they won’t be made in vain. Trust us. This is what we do, and we’re confident you’ll be happy with the results.


Once your campaign starts, Wyoming Inc. will track it’s success through earned and paid media as well as copies of all advertising placements, tear sheets and digital radio spot ads.




Wyoming Inc.’s visionary team shares and understands the unique, rugged mindset of our state’s citizens- and is uniquely qualified to speak passionately, persuasively and powerfully to them.


We believe leadership doesn’t start or end with one individual. Our leadership at Wyoming Inc. stems from multiple creatives who share their opinions openly and pull together ideas as a team. While individualism is respected our success is always the result of a combined effort.

Here at Wyoming, Inc. we are committed to our client’s success because when they succeed, so do we.


Meet The Team

Wyoming Inc.’s team is a diverse pool of talented individuals who work seamlessly together to produce forward-thinking and creative elements for our clients. Our team proudly offers a combined experience in account management, marketing, public relations, communications, media relations and social media strategy; website, database and Internet application development; and creative design.


Joanna Kail

In 2011, Joanna and her husband of 15 years acquired Wyoming Inc. Since then services have expanded from soley public relations to a full suite of marketing services. Together they have built a company that services multiple industries.

Jared Kail

Jared is responsible for the technical direction at Wyoming Inc., providing an in-depth understanding of database-driven internet applications. He also develops social media strategy and monitors its success.