Custom Development

Wyoming Inc. takes geek to a whole new level. With over 20 years of development experience our clients expect, and receive, professional custom coding and development services utilizing PHP, Javascript, MySQL, HTML5 and well…only a true geek “gets it.”

Branding & Marketing

Branding and the marketing research that goes into it is something Wyoming Inc. is passionate about. Our client’s brands don’t just include a logo – we help them create an identity. A brand identity customers understand and remember.

Website Design

Combine geeks and creatives and the result creates professional, dynamic, corporately branded websites that clients can proudly call their own.

Social Media Strategy

With the social media arena exploding, Wyoming Inc. works with our clients on the best way to grow and maintain a active social media presence with their customers.

Kelly Andreen, HSCSD #1

“The end product is excellent and the wonderful staff make an exasperating project a great experience.”

Cyndi Hargis, Exum

“I have no doubt that Wyoming Inc. is responsible for our continued growth and profitability.”

Shelley Simonton, WAM

“Wyoming Inc is a sophisticated agency who will surprise and please you with their outcome.”